“FEED OUR VETS” Program Launch

Special thanks to Three Square, Whole Foods Markets, Trader Joes, Dunkin Donuts, White Cross Market and local donors.

Veterans Village, Downtown Las Vegas launches major “FEED OUR VETS” public/private partnership initiative to feed homeless Veterans and all people in need of food and nutrition in Downtown Las Vegas.

Donors, participants and partners include Three Square Regional Food Bank, Whole Foods Markets, Trader Joe’s, Dunkin Donuts, White Cross Market and individual donors

WHAT: A major partnership has been created to attack hunger for United States Veterans in Downtown Las Vegas.

“There is no need or excuse for our US Veterans or any citizen in Las Vegas to go hungry or without a home. We have operated Veterans Village for nearly two years and have fed hundreds of Veterans and non-Veterans as well and this new initiative enables us to feed even more people. Veterans Village is open 24-7 and never turns anyone away without some form of help or referral, according to Arnold Stalk PhD,Founder of Veterans Village.

Feed Our Vets Launch