ChoiceCenter Leadership University Legacy LV146

[two_third]ChoiceCenter Leadership University’s LV146 Leadership team is proud to support Veterans Village with a 7-day Legacy LV146 stretch from July 1st, 2015-July 7th, 2015 to raise $75,000 dollars
LV146’s Leadership team appreciates your support of Veterans Village.   Your donations help ensure provides essential services for our United States Veterans.


2015-V-Villiage-Master-Logo-ArialAbout Veterans Village: Veteran’s Village is supported by your donations and our community partners. Veterans Village is an environment that is home to United States Veterans and their families. This is a unique and innovative approach to holistic and comprehensive housing with support services. Public and private collaborative partnerships have been created to provide services to residents including education and degree programs, nutritional programs, exercise training, medical services, mental health counseling, specialized activities and special events. With your generous support, our veterans have a safe place to live and transition back into the civilian society.paypal-secure

About The Veterans Village Crisis Intervention Center:
The Veterans Village Crisis Intervention Center CIC) is the only a 24/7/365 emergency triage center in Sothern
Nevada. Services include client based triage, medical and mental health services, job referral and training, Three
Square Regional Food Bank nutrition, clothing, job referrals and placements, bus and transportation services and a host of other services targeted at preventing the rapid slide to homelessness and acute poverty.[/two_third]

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